Breaking the rules: How to think outside the box with Your digital marketing strategies

Sometimes, with everything about numbers, codes, and doing things just like others, you may feel that digital marketing is repetitive. It is boring to merely check off the items on a list without trying something new. But what if it really starts there? Imagine this: At a marketing conference, the main speaker is going on and on about the latest search engine tips. It’s common sense, yes? However, someone in the back row puts his hand up and asks, “But what if we don’t?” Then suddenly people turn around like whaaaaaaaaaaat. This makes one question change everything because of how it shows courage against conventionality and builds something amazing.

The blog will share some cool and fresh ideas for digital marketers. These are not your everyday strategies that are put out there for everybody to see. They are captivating enough to provoke an audience’s attention for a long period of time. Let us be imaginative but also break some rules so that we can rediscover ourselves anew in 2020. We’ll provide you with some unique ideas that have helped brands succeed by stepping out of their comfort zones.

1. Turn complaints into content gold.

In many situations, complaints expressed by customers are perceived as negative aspects of any business enterprise. Imagine if we told you that they could be used as a secret weapon for you. One can take, for instance, Domino’s Pizza Company, which publicly responded to complaints and demonstrated its commitment to growth, enabling them to turn negative feedback into positive ones. The problem not only ought to be solved, but the journey must appear exciting.

2. Memes: The language of the internet

Memes are an effective way of communicating with your audience and go beyond mere funny pictures. You can use memes in your social media posts and emails to add some flavor of humor. This way, they can show your brand’s lighter side and create a more personal connection with clients. Just ensure that your memes are relevant to your brand.

3. Get personal with video marketing

This buzz is created by taking part in events, setting up impromptu pop-up shops, or organizing flash mobs. Try being memorable and giving people a nice surprise. Create customized video greetings thanking customers for their support or offering special deals. Make your consumers feel cherished and stand out with this easy-to-implement yet successful strategy.

4. Guerilla marketing: Go big or go home

Guerilla marketing aims to have people talk about it through the use of innovative ideas that cost very little. One more suggestion is to add a personal touch to your video marketing. Although not completely new, this technique can be highly enhanced by the use of videos.

5. Collaborate with micro-influencers

Working with micro-influencers leads to higher rates of engagement compared to using popular influencers most of the time. These influencers are also capable of building authentic relationships with their viewers, even though they may have small but deeply committed fan bases. They are often more open to unconventional ideas and charge less.


However, in digital marketing, breaking rules does not mean being reckless; instead, it signifies being audacious and inventive. By pushing boundaries, you can create unique and memorable experiences that resonate with your audience. So go ahead, defy conventions, experiment with fresh ideas, and let your creative flag fly! Finally, in the world of digital marketing, fortune favors the bold, as they say.

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