How an educational consultancy
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Our client, a burgeoning Educational Consultancy, reached out to Web Anatomy in July 2023 to solidify their place in the digital space and drive organic growth.

Before our participation, the Raghav Foundation’s services went unrecognized, lacking visibility and engagement. We transformed their online presence through strategic optimization, compelling content creation, and proactive audience engagement, elevating their services to success and recognition in the education sector.


Saturated Market : Education Sector is extremely competitive, making it difficult for newer or smaller brands to secure a prominent online position.

Low Domain Authority : With an average domain rating of just 4, it was crucial to establish trust and credibility in the eyes of search engines.

Limited Keyword Visibility : The brand was getting overshadowed on SERPs, ranking for only a handful of keywords in the top positions.

Our Strategy

Recognizing the challenges, Mosol9 crafted a comprehensive SEO strategy:

Backlink Campaign: We conducted targeted outreach to relevant and authoritative sites in the automotive sector.

Content Optimization: We created fresh and valuable content to meet search intent, optimizing existing articles, and developing keyword-targeted blogs.

Technical SEO: Making sure the website was mobile-responsive, speeding up loading times, and addressing any crawl errors or duplicate content issues.


The results were nothing short of phenomenal

  • The number of referring domains skyrocketed to 1,610 by September 2023 – an almost 5 times increase.
  • Organic traffic experienced an exponential boost, reaching 16,352.
  • The website’s domain rating doubled, showcasing its enhanced credibility.
  • Impressively, the traffic value jumped to $1,849, marking a nearly 9-fold increase.

Social Media Challenge


The client needed help with raising awareness of their services to their target audience, increasing engagement on social media, boosting website traffic and attracting more clients online.

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The Solution

Our first step was to gain a deep understanding of Raghav Foundation’s services and target audience. Based on this research, we created compelling content highlighting the foundation’s expertise and authority in the field of education. One key part of our marketing strategy was managing paid and organic activities. This was on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. We created engaging content. This helped us reach a wider audience and attract potential clients. They have an interest in school establishments and management. We ran targeted paid ad campaigns on all social media platforms to expand their reach and connect with more clients. Through these campaigns, we generated leads and helped the Raghav Foundation get more business opportunities.

The Results

We monitored various metrics such as accounts engaged, content interactions, profile visits, and overall impressions throughout the competition period:

  • Accounts engaged by 70%
  • Content interactions 40%
  • Profile visits by 80%
  • Overall impressions reached a staggering 15,823
  • During our first 12 months of cooperation, we also achieved 99% of the client’s KPIs on Instagram, while increasing the followers by over 40%

We build and launch functional digital products

We build digital products

“Partnering with Mosol9 was the best decision we made for our educational consultancy. Their innovative strategies and unwavering support helped us boost our online presence and drive remarkable results in a short span of time. Highly recommended!”

Ravi Madhabushi

Managing Director, Raghav Foundation

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