Boosting up organic growth
for dental clinics with web anatomy

In the fast-paced world of dental clinics, staying ahead of the competition requires a strong digital presence.

Our client, a burgeoning dental clinic, reached out to web anatomy in july 2023 with the aim of solidifying their place in the digital space and driving organic growth.

Before partnering with us, soniva dental’s comprehensive services were underappreciated, lacking online recognition and engagement. Through meticulous digital optimization and the creation of engaging content, we propelled soniva dental’s services to achieve success and prominence within the dental industry.


  • Organic traffic: 4.2k
  • Keywords ranking in top positions: 4.2k
  • Keywords ranking in google : 4.2k

Web anatomy's strategy

Recognizing the challenges, web anatomy crafted a comprehensive SEO strategy:

  • Backlink campaign: We conducted targeted outreach to relevant and authoritative sites in the automotive sector.

  • Content optimization: We created fresh and valuable content to meet search intent, optimizing existing articles, and developing keyword-targeted blogs.

  • Technical SEO : Making sure the website was mobile-responsive, speeding up loading times, and addressing any crawl errors or duplicate content issues.

Web anatomy over-delivery

The results were nothing short of phenomenal:

  • The number of referring domains skyrocketed to 1,610 by september 2023 – an almost 5 times increase.
  • Organic traffic experienced an exponential boost, reaching 16,352.
  • The website’s domain rating doubled, showcasing its enhanced credibility.
  • Impressively, the traffic value jumped to $1,849, marking a nearly 9-fold increase.
Current status

The educational consultancy is now a dominant player in the digital space, thanks to there partnership with The web anatomy . Their website is not only drawing in a larger volume of visitors but also engaging potential customers more effectively, leading to higher conversions and brand loyalty.

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